AAMD 41st Annual Meeting


Check out the fantastic line-up of topics and presenters for the meeting:
(Final Program Subject to Change)


A Dosimetric/Biological Comparison of IMRT versus RapidArc Optimization in Whole Breast and Axillary Node Irradiation
Silvia Pella, PhD, DABR

A Planning Approach for Lens-Sparing Proton Craniospinal Irradiation in Pediatric Patients
Nicola Bizzocchi, RTT

A Proposal for Licensure of Medical Dosimetrists in Massachusetts
Brain Napolitano, EMHL, CMD

Jatinder Palta, PhD, FAAPM, FASTRO, FACR

Achieving Low-Gradient Field Matching with VMAT: Craniospinal and Beyond
Pamela Lemish, CMD

APEx and the Dosimetrist
Samantha Dawes, CMD

Application of Freiburg Flap in Skin HDR Brachytherapy

Automated Planning Techniques: The Dosimetrist's Perspective
Robin Marsh, CMD

Automated Treatment Plan Quality Check with Scripting to Assure Quality and Patient Safety
Veera Rajesh Gutti, PhD

Cancer Survivorship - Caring on the Continuum
Noelle Mack, LCSW, OSW-C, ACM, ACHP-SW

Choose Your Own Adventure: My Perilous Journey Through Modern Medicine after a Gruesome Injury, What I've Learned and Why It Matters
Benjamin Nelms, PhD

Deciphering Bachytherapy Coding and Documentation
Tamara Syverson, BS, RT(T) and Adam Brown, CMD, RT(T)

Dosimetric Analysis of 3DCRT or IMRT with Vaginal-cuff Brachytherapy (VCB) for Gynecological Cancer
ChekWee Tan, CMD

Planning Comparisons of Different Cases
Chris Gainer, BS, CMD, RT(R)(T)

Getting Started with Contouring Scripting
Grayden MacLennan, MBA, MSM, MS, CIIP

Health Care Analytics - Managing Resources and Utilization
Beverly Riley, BS, CMD

Hippocampal Sparing
Timothy Oh

How Does Nutrition Improve Radiotherapy Outcomes
Joel Rush, MS, RD, CSO, LD, CNSC, FAND

Image Registration-Clinical Applications and Quality Assurance
Jon Piper, MS

Image-Guided Radiation Therapy: Benefits and Risks, Certainties and Uncertainties
Daniel Bailey, PhD, DABR

In the Knowledge Bases Planning Era: The Role of the Dosimetrist as a Predictive Model Creator/Administrator
Anthony Magliari, MS, CMD

Incident Reporting and Safety Culture: Change Takes Time
Aaron Kusano, MD, SM
Patty Sponseller, MS, CMD, RT(R)(T)

Vito Victoria, CMD

Non-Coplanar VMAT Head and Neck Treatment for Large Patient with CT Cut
Yi-Chun Wang, MS, CMD

Organ Sparing Marrow Irradiation (OSMI) as an Alternative to Traditional Total Body Irradiation (TBI) Methods: VMAT Treatment Planning and Clinical Implementation
Wesley Zoller, BS, CMD, RT(T)

People Don't Care What You Know until They Know You Care
Aaron Kusano, MD, SM

Productivity in Radiation Oncology: A Meaningful Model
Vicki Reich, AVP

Protons versus Photons for Skull-Based Pediatric Chordoma: The Dosimetric Comparison Favors Protons
Francesco Fellin, MD

Quality Assurance in Radiation Therapy Delivery during Patient Treatment Utilizing Model Based Portal Dose Images from the EPID
Peter Mondalek, PhD, DABR, DABMP

Safety, Efficiency, Accuracy: In the Radiation "SEA" of Technology, Would Your Clinic Sink or Swim?
Nathan Childress, PhD, DABR

SBRT Planning from Start to Finish
Thomas Costantino, BS, CMD, RT(T)

Supine verses Prone Intact Breast Treatment: The OSU Approach
Karla Kuhn, CMD, RT(R)(T)

The 2016 AAMD Plan Study: The Future Is Now
Benjamin Nelms, PhD

The Contour Conundrum: When Circle Cords Go Square
Lexie Smith-Raymond, MAdm, BS, CMD, RT(R)(T)

The Phenomenon of Precision Planning
David LittleJohn, CMD

The Smart Way to Check Treatment Plans and Charts
Anne Greener, PhD

The Use of Dose Gradient Controlling Structures during IMRT Planning
Yolanda King, BA, BS, CMD, RT(T)